Besides the detailed organization of your weeding, we realize wedding favors and presents for the best day of your life giving a good memory to friends and family. Elegant with soft or bright colours, the wedding favors follow your wedding style. Entrusted to us!


Will your birth favors be pink or blue? Or will they be neutral colours? We realize personalized birth favors for birth and baptism of yout baby. Sweet creations made just for you!


Celebrate your unforgttable graduation party with our graduation favors. Bright red and cassical or even detailed with wonderful references to the Sicilian tradition.

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Invite to a wedding your family and friends with sophisticated participations. Every wish comes true with us, starting from the grahics up to the definition of every detail.

We organize private and business events, meeting, conferences, business dinners. All the planning of the event will be designed according to the needs and requests of the customer, starting from the logistic organization up to the location, entertainment services, etc.

We organize any moment of the event following the focal points of the progect step by step. We are going to be your reference point, preparing the planning of the day so that you can joy your own wedding and the company of your guests.